I was looking out for beads for my community gifting and my order was for 10000 finished pieces. I luckily got through Dev of Sun International who in no time not only understood my requirement but also gave me the quality goods with in a stipulated time and its moneys worth.

- Rebeca, Canada.

Impeccable professionalism and finesse in quality has made Sun International my first Choice for beads business, as I have placed repeat orders year on year with them from 2003 till 2006. “You name a quality product and he has it” is what one of my referrals told me after I successfully recommended Dev as the agent for Importing Indian Goods.

- Desmond Xavier, Illinois.

Sun International is on one of My Favorite exporter list as I depend thoroughly on them with regards to the Indian connection. I have had successful tradings with all norms in place with this group for my requirement of purchase of Medicines.

If I have to list 3 things about SUN INTERNATIONAL that are money’s worth they would be 1. Good Packaging 2. Good Time Lines 3. Quality Check.

I would whole heartily recommend SUN INTERNATIONAL to all of you especially if you are looking out for  better services than your current exporter or if you are a first timer. You will never regret your call on appointing this team for your international trade deals.

- Jack, Singapore.

I am a regular client of SUN INTERNATIONAL and Dev, as my Business of Imported Indian Spices has grown in good leaps in last few years because of SUN INTERNATIONAL.

Being a Perishable Item I have to heavily depend on a trustworthy source. After initial failures I wanted to totally give up on my idea of importing Indian spices but Dev of SUN INTERNATIONAL was my Last try and Suddenly I Tasted success.

Timely delivery with flawless packing and quality which is worth the investment are the features of SUN INTERNATIONAL which keeps me getting back to them with more orders again and again.

- Shahid, Sydney.