In 2001 the foresight of a young and promising entrepreneur conceived the dream of starting an international trading firm into reality. This young gun had the right aptitude and appetite of business and as a result he ventured into this seedling which is now a healthy growing business tree.

A Graduate in Commerce and a Post Graduate top rank holder in Foreign Trade, The Alumni of MVIRDC. - World Trade Centre Mr Devang Mehta leads this organization with his foresight and expertise.

We welcome you to be a part of this success story, we welcome you to Sun International.

Sun International the trusted name :

Our services in the international trading arena began in 2001 and it has grown ever since. We are popular not only with middle size companies but also with individuals who are starting a new venture from scratch. The secret has been our uncompromising commitment to our Clients in delivering them what has been promised and trying to enhance it in every possible way every time. With a professional set up of our strategies laid down by an asset worthy team, our partnerships and support are fortified to bring out the best in our every project. 

The team of Sun International :

Under the leadership of Devang Mehta is the strong team of his professionals who handle the back end and mid way processes effectively. The best practices of Quality assurances are strictly followed to ensure zero deviation from the commitment parameters, this is very closely monitored by the team and Mr Devang himself. 

Strategy of Sun International :

We work on the strategy of long term goal and the big picture that would also help a small business setup grow in to a full fledged enterprise. This eliminates the short quick fix practices that would otherwise lead to compromise in quality and connecting two mis matching links. We believe in freezing on the best and delivering the best. Thus giving leverage to the business to both the importer and exporter for better next transactions in long term.

Sun International Support :

You as a Client will remain our constant priority from the start. We are available to you on the phone, email or chat to solve your queries before or after the take off of the deal. Many small time starters who want to make it big will find our amicable and supportive team ideal to liason with. For us, a personal rapport with our client holds supreme for our customer friendly team.